Steel constructions

Location of projects

The Slovakia, The Czech Republic, The Poland, The Hungary, The Germany, The France…


Design, production, assembly


Steel structures can give you extra space, take you to another level or closer to where it’s needed.
They are one of our main focuses, that’s why we have a lot of experience, 1000s of tons produced and installed. We offer you a stress-free and comfortable complete service for steel structures.

Suspension structure for the conveyor
A structure used to connect the machine on the ground and the EMS above it
Installation of the structure
Sometimes the structures can be tall and heavy, we can deal with this with the help of various devices
Construction for EMS
Suspension structure for a closed EMS system with a place for maintenance
EMS and supporting structure
We supply complete steel structure for EMS and conveyor system
Structures meet shelves
Things can get complicated when you have to connect the structure and the shelves. We will help you
Conveyor support structure
A construction on another construction of a construction ;) no problem for ASE
EMS rail support
The load-bearing structure of EMS rails requires high precision and tight installation tolerances
Supports and walkway
We can combine different types of structures to meet your expectations
Extra floor
Steel structures provide you with additional space for the expansion of your business
High tower
Even more than 12 meters above the ground, we stand motionless and calm. Our workers are rock solid