Advanced solution engineering s.r.o.

Innovative solutions
in the automotive industry

We always find a solution

Why to cooperate with us?

We offer our knowledge in the field of design and production of steel structures, warehouses, machines, transport pallets and many others.

Engineering & Design

With the help of BricsCAD, SolidWorks and CATIA software, we will prepare a customized solution.


The main focus is on the production of steel structures, conveyors and machines.


All kinds of workers for the trouble-free installation of your chosen solution.

After-sales services

After handover, we provide service, improvements and expansion options.

“Your dream is our challenge.”

- Lee Cheon ho, president of the company

Our story

Who are we?

ASE has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations since 2008, when our CEO Lee Cheon Ho founded Advanced Solution Engineering s.r.o. Providing specific engineering solutions for customers was the focus of ASE’s early days and continues today, hand in hand with the implementation of the entire project.
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A diverse portfolio is our strength. Over time, we have gained experience in a wide variety of fields, thanks to which we can provide solutions for practically anything.