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Our machine park

Browse our portfolio of top machines. Thanks to our machine park, we can provide CNC machining, bending, laser cutting and much more.
The Haas SL20 with a maximum machining diameter of 262 mm and a chuck size of 210 mm, has a standard passage for a 51 mm bar. SL-20 high performance turning centers also feature solid cast spindles with symmetrical fins for stiffness and thermal stability, on-the-fly wye-delta switching for peak performance throughout the speed range.

This CNC milling center has a wide range of use thanks to a magazine for 24 tools as well as a work table size of 2m x 1m. The machine is equipped with modern clamping devices, so it is possible to process materials of various shapes. The control system is provided by Heidenhain, which is the world leader guaranteeing accuracy and maximum use of the machine within its capabilities.

Laser cutters are designed for cutting flat metal materials with a laser based on a computer-generated tool path. The simple construction and use are also characterized by extraordinary reliability and durability.

  • Cutting of black steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminum is possible. It is also possible to cut copper and brass, but there is an increased risk of damaging the laser optics due to the high reflectivity of these materials.
  • The maximum thickness of materials that can be cut depends on the power of the laser and the configuration of the optics.
  • The maximum thickness of sheet metal cut in our company is 20 mm.
  • The possibility of independent firing of sheets in connection with other equipment in our company gives us the possibility of faster production thanks to independence from external suppliers.
  • This laser also has the possibility of engraving, which enables the marking of parts for greater production accuracy, but also for the personalization of products.

Durma AD-Servo press machine is a CNC production equipment used for bending various types of sheet metal. Thanks to its compact yet robust construction, this machine is suitable for streamlining the owner’s production. Computer control of the machine ensures first-class accuracy and production efficiency.

  • Thanks to our press brake, we can produce individual parts faster without the need for external suppliers.
  • The tonnage of our bending machine is 220 tons, which means we can bend some parts with a thickness of 12 mm.
  • The maximum length of possible parts is 2600 mm, so we can bend even long pieces.
  • The servo motors of the machine ensure high bending accuracy while using the optimal amount of energy.

threading capacity M3 – M27 (for soft materials up to M33)

The machine is made of two arms connected to each other in such a way that they form a pantographic system guaranteeing the perpendicularity of the tool to the clamping plane at every working point. The system is balanced by an air spring located in the arm body.

Potentiometers are placed on the motor and allow us to regulate the right and left revolutions of the tool and to regulate the dosage of tap lubrication.

Massive, fully equipped lathe with digital position measurement. Extremely quiet operation without vibrations is ensured by the stand and the bed, which are cast from one piece.

Arguments that will convince you about quality, performance and price

  • Camlock ASA D 1 – 6″ spindle clamping
  • Hardened and ground spindle mounted on tapered bearings that run in an oil bath
  • Guaranteed runout of the spindle face <0.015 mm
  • Closed sliding box with quick shifting, gears are hardened and ground, stored in an oil bath
  • The base and bed of the machine are cast from one piece of cast iron
  • Removable bed bridge
  • Hardened and ground guide surfaces of the bed
  • Central lubrication of guide surfaces
  • Stop bar with four cams for switching off the longitudinal movement
  • Adjustable tailstock for turning cones by ±15 mm
  • Right-left movement can be switched with the control lever
  • Undervoltage switch, emergency switch and motor fuse
  • Mechanical spindle foot brake
  • Design according to DIN 8606 (instrument accuracy)
  • Digital measurement of all three axes using glass rulers

Professional column drill Opti B 40 GSM with a gear train, electromagnetic spindle feed switching, thread cycle, and cooling.

  • High running precision due to stable spindle
  • Electromagnetic feed with the advantage of precise drilling depth adjustment
  • By tilting the column, the base plate can be used as a work surface for particularly tall workpieces.
  • Can drill holes up to a diameter of 35mm for steel and 45mm for cast iron.
  • Drilling holes up to a length of 180mm

Semi-automatic hydraulically controlled two-column band saw.

The band saw is designed for both vertical and angled cutting in a semi-automatic cycle. It allows angled cuts to the left (60 degrees) and to the right (60 degrees). It is suitable for serial production and thanks to its robust construction, it enables the cutting of a wide range of materials, including stainless steels and tool steels, both profiles and whole materials.

  • The machine is structurally designed to meet the extreme load in production conditions.
  • The arm of the machine is robust, with a heavy weld and is designed to ensure the toughness and precision of the cut.
  • Main vice with a split jaw that clamps the material before and after the cut. The jaws allow a safe grip and a precise cut.
  • The maximum cutting options are a pipe with a diameter of 500 mm, a solid bar with a diameter of 400 mm and a square profile with dimensions of up to 750 × 480 mm.

Universal drill-milling machine in massive design for professional use with frequency converter brand. Lenze “Made in Germany” with digital measurement of all axes (X, Y, Z).

Arguments that will convince you about quality, performance and price

  • Versatile use
  • Heavy, massive design made of high-quality cast iron
  • Massive cross table with precisely machined surface
  • All guiding dovetail surfaces hardened. Adjusting clearances using wedge strips
  • In the basic equipment, automatic X-axis feed, Y-axis feed can be ordered
  • Continuous speed regulation with frequency converter Lenze (Made in Germany)
  • High accuracy thanks to tapered roller bearings <0.01 mm measured on quill
  • Universally adjustable drilling-milling head
  • Milling head rotatable by 360 ° and tiltable by 180 °
  • Automatic quill advance
  • Adjustable depth stop with millimeter scale and face reading
  • Main switch with motor fuse, right-left switch and emergency switch
  • Supplied with cooling system as standard

Professional band saw for accurate and economical metal cutting with a rotating arm.

Distinctive features of the Opti S 300 DG Vario saw

  • Heavy cast iron design.
  • Smooth speed regulation.
  • Angle by rotating the arm from -60° to +45°.
  • Quick-release vise.
  • High cutting precision thanks to vibration-free operation.
  • Silent operation.
  • Precise and durable guide of the cutting belt, easy replacement.
  • The possibility of choosing “manual belt control” in and out of the shot.
  • Length stop with scale.
  • Brush for chip removal.
  • Automatic shutdown of the belt after the end of the cut.