OPTI MF 2 Vario/-DPA Multifunctional heavy-duty drilling-milling machine for professional use. Continuous speed control with frequency converter “made in Germany”

Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price

  • Solid, heavy-duty model made from high-grade Meehanite cast iron
  • Solid, precise cross table, amply dimensioned and precision-ground
  • All slideways hardened
  • Solid, rectangular slideways for Z-axis (only MF 4 Vario)
  • All axis with adjustable dovetail slideway
  • Continuous speed control with German frequency converter
  • Right-left-hand rotation for threading
  • High concentricity precision due to taper roller bearings, less than 0.01 mm measured in the spindle sleeve
  • Milling head rotatability 360° and swivel of 180°
  • Automatic spindle sleeve feed
  • Adjustable drill depth stop with millimetre scale, reading at the front
  • Electronic table height adjustment (only MF 4 Vario)
  • Main switch with protective motor switch, right-left-hand rotation switch,
    emergency stop switch
  • Coolant pump supplied as standard

Economically-priced and stable value

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