OPTI D 460 X 1500-DPA – Heavy, fully equipped screw cutting and bar lathes, very smooth running and low-vibration. Substructure and engine plate made of one piece each. “VARIO” type with frequency converter “Made in Germany”

Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price

  • Hardened and ground slideways
  • Camlock spindle holding fixture ASA D1 – 6”
  • Guaranteed concentricity precision of the spindle nose better than 0.015 mm
  • Closed fast acting feed gear. toothed wheels and shafts hardened and ground, running in an oil quench on precision bearings
  • Clearly arranged gear selector levers to switch the feed speeds
  • Central lubrication at the lathe slide
  • Right-/left-handed rotation at the lathe slide, switchable via indexing spindle
  • Mechanical longitudinal feed switch off of the lathe slide with four adjustable cams
  • Coolant equipment with dosing and stop valve
  • Tailstock can be shifted by ± 15 mm for taper turning
  • Emergency-stop button, protective motor switch, lockable main switch
  • Digital position display DPA 2000 for a precise measuring
  • of the travels
  • Mounted glass scales with an accuracy of 5 μm
  • “Vario” type with frequency converter “Made in Germany” with extreme high-torque and mostly constant torque progression
  • Quick-action tool holder with tool holder for square tools
  • Cover for leading spindle
  • Mechanical feet spindle brake
  • Halogen machine lamp with articulated arm supplied as standard and coolant equipment with dosing and stop valve
  • Adjustable scale of the threading gauge
  • Prepared for subsequent add-on of a rapid feed “Rapid Speed”
  • Test certificate

Manufactured according to DIN 8606 (toolmaker’s precis)

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